Why be a Crew Member?

We are based at Lilford Park in Leigh and St Peters Pavilion in Wigan.

Meet new friends.

Work outside.

Be part of a team.

Help others.

Help the environment.

Grow fruit, veg, plants and flowers.beker time fake rolex

Get healthy.

Make a real difference in your community.

Learn loads of new skills.

Use power tools and hand tools.

Work with great staff.

Travel in the vans.

Visit and work in the countryside, canals, parks, gardens, orchards, veg gardens, green spaces, peoples’ gardens and much, much more.elf thc gummies


You can have free taster days. Contact Green Crew to make arrangements.


Get in Touch

Green Crew Member Quotes

I absolutely love Green Crew more than anything!

Current Crew Member.

I like doing customer gardens, doing a great job!

Current Crew Member.

Coming to Green Crew makes me happy…. keeping busy and meeting friends.

Current Crew Member.

It’s great!

Current Crew Member.

I learned to use strimmer, blower and mower

Current Crew Member.

I love going to Haigh Hall.

Current Crew Member.

I work on the land; at the canal, I paint locks and do mowing.

Current Crew Member.

places would be a mess if we didn’t go.

Current Crew Member.

I like the jobs at Green Crew.

Current Crew Member.

I like digging on the land.

Current Crew Member.

I learned how to use machinery, lawn mowers and petrol strimmer.

Current Crew Member

I like digging, its hard work, Planting too!

Current Crew Member.