Green Crew Mission Statement

Green Crew works to support learning-disabled adults with or without a mental health problem, or those with other support needs to volunteer in horticultural activities, community gardening, community landscaping and community nature conservation.

To do this, Green Crew will offer an all-year-round range of green-themed activities to the people it supports.  It is our aim that every crew member will make a real difference to their green environment with each job they do.

Green Crew staff will support a person to do the work that they can and want to do, as independently as possible.

Green Crew staff will do this by working in a crew, together with the people they look after, to achieve a common goal.

Green Crew will support Crew members to work with other individuals and community groups. We will support crew members to form appropriate relationships with those people and groups.

Green Crew staff aims to promote equality and team spirit within its crews.  Staff and crew members work together as a team, and match each of their individual skill sets to all or different parts of the work.

Green Crew will be mindful of and build on the inherent health benefits of our green-themed activities. Through these we will promote physical, emotional and mental well-being for all of our crew members.

Green Crew staff aims to support people to work safely, and staff will know the tool protocols, and generic and individual risk assessments.

Green Crew staff will support people to understand all the planning and processes involved with the different jobs that we do, and will encourage and support people to join in with those.

We do this because Green Crew promotes a view that people with a disability are at the same time people with an ability to create a valuable resource for other people through the work that we do together.

Because Green Crew promotes a view that people with a disability are at the same time people with abilities we will consult and involve crew members with all aspects of service development.

Green Crew will develop a range of contacts with environmental community groups and organisations with a positive environmental impact, to direct this resource where it is most needed and/or will create the biggest benefit.

To do our work in the right way, Green Crew staff will follow Green Crew policies and procedures on health and safety, confidentiality, equality and diversity, safeguarding adults, training and code of conduct.  Any complaints about our operations will be received in accordance with our complaints policy.

Green Crew will contribute to the development of its team members through effective training, 1:1 supervision and team meetings. We will involve all team members in their development and that of the company.