Partner (Other Organisations) Comments

I see that your team have been doing some more welcome work in the park today. The statue paved area is much improved and it looks like they have been weeding under the bean tree. It’s an area that looks great when it is weed free but an eyesore when the weeds take over. We really appreciate what you do for the park. The day you came to Lilford was a blessing for the park!

Friends of Lilford Park, Leigh


Green Crew do an amazing job for us and I’m not sure what we’d do without you!

N Vivash, Horticultural Volunteer Coordinator, Lancashire Mining Museum


The work on the Park has made a massive impact on the appearance of the area…

P Harmer, Chair, Friends of Leyland Park.


..the crown lifting of trees has made a significant difference to the appearance and safety of the park..

P Harmer, Chair, Friends of Leyland Park.


Positive comments are regularly received from the public in relation to your efforts

P Harmer, Chair, Friends of Leyland Park extremely conscientious and motivated organisation that we have the good fortune to be able to partner with.

M Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator, Canal & River Trust.


..tasks are always performed to a high standard.

M Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator, Canal & River Trust.


….excellent work on the towpaths.

M Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator, Canal & River Trust.


Green Crew took on a jungle of a community garden and gave us a clear space.. for young and old to enjoy, thank you for your kindness and hard work.

N Cullen, Minister, Bryn Community Church.


Many thanks to Green Crew for their work maintaining our paths and hedges. It is a pleasure to work with them, long may it continue.

A Bennet, Friends of Amberswood Common.


Since the arrival of the Green Crew ….the appearance of the Haigh Hall Kitchen Garden has been transformed.

D Holland, Friends of Haigh Walled Gardens.


The team are well supervised…

D Holland, Friends of Haigh Walled Gardens.


..a service with real integrity.

Senior Local Authority representative.


Crew Member Comments

I absolutely love Green Crew more than anything!

Thomas W, Crew Member.


I like doing customer gardens, doing a great job!

T Winnard, Crew Member.


Coming to Green Crew makes me happy…. keeping busy and meeting friends

Thomas W, Crew Member.


It’s great!

Luke U, Crew Member.


I learned to use strimmer, blower and mower

Luke U, Crew Member.


I work on the land; at the canal, I paint locks and do mowing.

Michael H, Crew Member.


Parents Comments

My son has flourished in confidence since starting Green Crew and he could not have done this without the support of the excellent staff….

Parent, of Crew Member.


..he enjoys coming to Green Crew, he tells his family where he’s been and what he’s been doing.

Parent B Gould, Crew Member.


what Green Crew do is wonderful

Parent, Michael H, Crew Member.


I’m glad that my son has somewhere to go and do something good…

Parent Michael, Crew Member.


My son 2has been very well trained in the use of equipment, mowers, strimmers etc and these skills have led to him being in full time employment with Wigan Council where he is using these skills daily. It is thanks to you and your team that he has been able to achieve this…”

Parent, of Crew Member.


he enjoys going to Green Crew.

Parent, Luke, Crew Member.


we know he is in a safe environment and he is happy.

Parent, Thomas, Crew Member.


when he comes home he’s smiling, its reassuring

Parent, Thomas, Crew Member.


I think Green Crew is magic- what you do is brilliant

Carer, of Crew Member.